06-12-2013 Lions Head

View from top Lions Head

So after seeing and hearing about the latest Red Bull Lion Heart, it got me excited to see how fast I could climb Lions Head. If you have not heard of Lion Heart yet, its a really exciting race up and down Lions Head in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s not like any ordinary running event in that it is based on a surf competition format, with a few knock out heats.

The day starts off in the morning with about 200 runners in a time trial around Lions Head, with the top 32 runners going through to the heat stage. They then go into the knock out heat format, up and down Lions Head. After two rounds of heats the field is whittled down to the finals. This year AJ Calitz took the title in a time of 26min 46seconds. And Landie Greyling taking the ladies title in 32minutes 7seconds.

There is a great clip online showing how much fun the event is. Because of the format it is a really great spectator event. Next year I will most definitely be trying to get an entry to see how my legs hold up in the competition. 🙂


So myself and a friend took to the slopes of Lions Head, I must say it is a steeper climb than I remembered. My legs were burning going up, and I have to admit, we did cheat and take a rest at the top before coming down again. But coming down was so much fun, technical but still able to go fairly fast. There are some pretty exposed drops, so do be sure not to be to over zealous!

But if you are looking for a fairly quick quad smashing workout, look no further! Be sure to take some cash as you can also buy refreshments from the hut at the bottom. Oh yes, be sure to stop for a second and admire the view! My time was 21min up and 12min 34sec down…. whats yours? (ps. don’t go up the chains, take the longer route)

06-12-2013 Lions Head up


06-12-2013 Lions Head down


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