13-12-2013 Vlakkenberg

Well, I hope you have all had a great festive season and have managed to get onto the trails once or twice.

I realised I have a couple of trails I have recently done that I have not blogged about, so here goes…

The last route I blogged about was the contour path, and the one really cool thing about the contour path route is that it can be a ‘there and back’ run. Well this route is the same, except it is much more challenging in that there are some good climbs!

As most of my runs these days, it starts off from Constantia Nek but instead of heading on the Table Mountain side, you head into the Tokai mountains. The name of the mountain area you start from is called Vlakkenberg. So, from the circle at the nek, you head down the road as if you are going to Hout Bay. Keep on the left hand side as the entrance to the mountain is on that side, about 300m down from the circle. Enter through a small pedestrian gate and follow the  road up, you will shortly see a sign directing you onto a small single track. This takes you on the first decent climb, with the vineyards on your left, and you quickly gain some hight and are treated to a magnificent view of Constantia Nek (looking back).

Constantia Nek from Vlakkenberg

Constantia Nek from Vlakkenberg

This path takes you up and over the mountain and into the Tokai mountains. The first climb is probably the toughest, but once up at the top you are treated to a really technical fast downhill. Be careful though as the footing is tricky on the way down. You will cross a boardwalk at the bottom of the hill and head into the next climb, which is much shorter. Once you pop out onto a tar road, you know you on the right track (be sure to take note where you come out onto the tar as you will need to head back down the same path on your way home).

Follow the tar road for a couple hundred meters and take the small trail to the right. This will lead you all the way above Hout Bay. Its a fairly flat section and you are able to stretch the legs a bit. This is where you can make the route as long as you like. the day we went, we didn’t go to far, but from what I can tell you could run all the way to Kommetjie side.

View out over Hout Bay

View out over Hout Bay

Im sure there are hundreds of other routes you can take from this one, but if you are looking for a time specific route, its always nice to be able to do a ‘there and back’ to suit your time. The Vlakkenberg is one area I haven’t run much yet, but I will definitely do some more exploring in the near future!

There is not much shade on this route so be sure to have sunblock on and take enough water and snacks.

See you out there!

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.28.38 PM


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